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What people are saying about us!

"At Hillside my son learned at his own level. The teachers pay special attention to how each child learns and tailor the educational process to meet individual needs. There is no need to be ‘cool,’ the children welcome all with enthusiasm and love. My son's confidence grew by leaps and bounds."  - Cindy, West Liberty

"I am thankful that I have friends at Hillside who pray for me. We have a Kindness Jar and when it is full we get a party!" - Naomi, Third Grade

"I want to say thank you to the parents, teachers, and especially the kids for helping my son feel so loved and welcomed his first week at Hillside! He has talked non-stop about school! I am sure you can understand how hard change can be, but with the Lord and everyone in the school this transition has been made so much easier!"  - Lyndsay, Coralville

"I love my school because I can pray and talk about God there. Lots of people help when somebody gets hurt. We play games like football, basketball, soccer, kickball and Fish Across the Ocean. The first day I came to school I was shy, but now I am not. I have lots of friends." - Caleb, Second Grade

"When I graduated from Hillside Christian School I attended a public high school. It did not take me long to adjust to the new environment and to evaluate what I was learning in comparison to what I had learned at Hillside. I knew I had been privileged to receive a great education which included high academic standards accompanied by strong spiritual content. While the academics at Hillside placed me above many of my peers in high school, it was the spiritual truths imparted in the areas of history and science which were invaluable in helping me to maintain a solid Christian world view in the public school system." - Ben, Portland, Oregon