Hillside School Supplies List (printable version .pdf)

Students are asked to provide the following items for personal or shared use. When a brand is specified, that is because teachers have found that these brands work significantly better than others. (Please put student's name on all items for personal use.)

Additioanlly, a "Yearly Supply Fee" ($40 per family) is required to cover additional school supplies, cleaning supplies, and paper good throughout the school year.

Crayons – Crayola 12 pack size (K)
Round tip Fiskar scissors (K)
Washable Crayola markers, standard colors, not narrow (K)
Colored pencils – Crayola 12 pack (K)
1 small hand-held pencil sharpener (K)
2 package 24lb copier paper (K-8) for school
1 package wide-lined paper (1-8)
Paint smock (K-4)
I large sized, single color construction paper in red, blue, green, black or brown (K-4)*
3 pocket folders (2 pockets) (K-4)
4 bound journals/composition books (1-4)
8 Elmer's glue sticks (K-8) for school
1 small liquid Elmer's glue (K-8) for school
1 Prang watercolor paint set (K-8)
2-4 erasers - pencil toppers or soft pink (K- 8)
1 dozen No. 2 Ticonderoga brand pencils or mechanical pencils (5-8)
2 colored poster boards any color (K-4) for school
Crayola crayons - a small to medium sized pack (grades 1- 8)
Fiskar or similar quality scissors (1-8)



1 plain WOODEN ruler with inches and centimeters (1-8)
Colored pencils (1-8)
Colored water-based markers (1-8)Permanent markers and/or Sharpies, optional (1-8)
1 package Low Odor BLACK Ink Expo brand dry erase markers (1-8) for school
1 small package thin expo markers (5-8)
1 or 2 erasers for dry erase boards
2 yellow highlighters (5-8)
Assignment books will be provided for 3-8
2 bound journals/composition books (5-8)
6 colored pens for checking (5-8)
1 graph paper notebook (5-8)
Calculator (7-8)
Metal (not plastic) compass and clear/see through protractor (6-8)
4 one subject, college ruled spiral notebooks (green, blue, red, yellow) (5-8)
4 pocket folders (green, blue, red, yellow) (5-8)
New International Version Bible (5-8)
International Children's Version Bible - has red cover (optional for 1-4)
Coralville Library card (1-8)
Photo of just student or student with your family (3x5 or 4x6; will attempt to return) (5-8)