For Parents


Hillside is a Board run school. The School Board is composed of current and former parents and teachers.


Hillside Christian School is an accredited school and is therefore eligible to receive payment of tuition and fees through Iowa’s Educational Savings Account (ESA). Accreditation is through Christian Schools International.

Hillside was founded on the belief that quality Christian education should be affordable. Our school is consistently among the most affordable options in the area. Fundraising projects and donations to the school help cover expenses over the amount of tuition collected.

All families will qualify for an ESA beginning in the 2025-26 school year. Until then, for those families who do not yet qualify, tuition payment plans are flexible and can be spread out over 10 monthly payments.

Other Fees

Mid-year there is a tuition deposit fee collected to hold each student’s place for the following school year. A supplies fee is collected at the beginning of the school year. Field trips are usually around $5. There are optional family outings including a roller skating evening, a ski trip, and trip to Adventureland at reduced rates.