Teaching Methods

Hillside Christian School’s small size and low teacher-student ratio means teaching approaches and tools can flex to meet an individual student’s learning style and rate.

Each morning the entire school comes together for a devotional time. This may include Bible stories, songs, scripture memory and learning about Christians around the world. Prayer requests are shared and students and teachers pray for one another, beginning the day with a focus on Jesus.

Early elementary students get started forming letters correctly in both print and cursive by using the Handwriting without Tears workbooks. Math Mammoth and math manipulatives give young learners an excellent opportunity to build a solid math foundation. Textbooks published by A-Beka Book, Bob Jones University and Saxon provide advanced content to challenge older students.

Bookwork is supplemented with plenty of “hands on” opportunities to create and experiment. A yearly Science Fair or History/Culture Fair is a fun way to present student-directed research projects. Field trips and guest speakers also enrich classroom studies. Christmas and Easter programs allow students to gain confidence as they present memory work, drama and musical accomplishments to friends and family. Music, art, and other enrichment subjects are taught weekly by talented Christian instructors

The Iowa Assessments Test is administered each year for grades 1 through 8.